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Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Real Inner Self

My first real exclusive blog cap. I will post exclusive caps here regulary from now on.

I would love to hear your opinion about them. Critics and suggestions are very welcome as they might help me on my way to become a better captioner.

Thank you very much for reading this.


Anonym hat gesagt…

I love the thought of her putting him first, sliding the boots onto him whilst he slept and watching him transform. I'm sure Tania will reward her with some hot action... keeping her naughty boots on all the time of course.

As to the layout of the caption, I like it. Very effective two colour use and good little story. Great work!

Nadine hat gesagt…

I'm sure that it mnust have been an awesome sight when Tania's boyfriend changed right before her eyes. And for the reward... I think that they will reard each other with some hot action.

I discovered that it helps to use more colours to differ the people who are involved in the caption. That way I also don't have to let some space between the sentences when the other one is speaking.

Anne Oni Mouse hat gesagt…

Thank you for this one, it is actually a very sweet tale of love finding a way

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

Lovely story, and lovely pic....

A couple of notes on punctuation... This would probably be a VERY excited converssation... you might want to sprinkle a few more exclamation points "!" in :)

You wrote "Oh my god? You knew I wished to be a woman!"

I'd probably write something like "Oh.. my.. GOD!!! You KNEW I wanted to be a woman?!?"

The story is great.. the words are fine, but they don't seem very excited about a life-altering situation...

That being said.. be careful about OVER-punctuation... Not every single sentence needs to be followed with "!!!!" or "?????".. there's balance, or it becomes a little silly..

Just an opinion..


Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

Oh.. and I LOVE the [kiss] emotes :)

Nadine hat gesagt…

I see what you mean and I can only agreed with your opinion. Seems that I will have to work harder next time... uff

I guess that I would help if I had a writing coach to help me with those fine touches. Any volunteer out there? :)

Glad you like those (kiss) emotes. Thought that they could tell how thankful Nadine was.

Alectra hat gesagt…

Ouh that lovely man in a bathrobe can sometimes create some delightful objects... some other times not, but this time it worked ^^

Great storytelling Nadine.

By the way, I'm liking the changes, now your blog look much more livelier! ^^

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Nadine hat gesagt…

Thank you, Alectra

I like the changes too. I'm sure that the look will change even further in the fiture since I intend to spend more time in my blog.

Glad that you like my latest SRU caption.

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…


You can e-mail me anytime at steffimariechen at You would need to post a note in my Blog, because I don't check e-mail every second :)

If you're on RH a lot, Dee and a few others have offered their service as "caption/writing" coaches, and they're always more than happy to help!


Steffimariechen hat gesagt…


Another technique to add impact to your words in using all capitals in some words... Not everyone does, but I often do. Just like the exclamation points, it can be over-used, so be careful!

Here is a sample sentence NOT from your caption.. think of a boy/man, waking up, finding out his gf changed him into a woman.. she calmly tells him that she did it on purpose.....

"I can't believe that you did this to me."
"I can't believe that you did this to me!!!"
"I can't BELIEVE that you did this to me!!!"
"I can't believe that YOU did this to me!!!"
"I can't believe that you did THIS to me!!!"
"I can't believe that you did this to ME!!!"

Going to far.....

"I can't BELIEVE that you did THIS to ME!!!"

Of course, the whole sentence in allcaps is YELLING! :)

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say..


Dee Mentia hat gesagt…

Cute little story Nadine! Nice to see a totally happy ending with such sweet characters.

Good advice STEFFI! I USE that often in my captions and it can really bring and EMPHASIS on things if people don't OVERUSE it! LOL

What program do you use to make captions Nadine?

I ask because another way to make your conversations stand out more, along with color, is to use left and right justifications. For example, if you words were left justified, and hers were right justified, it might bring out the dialog even more and give it a sense of flowing back and forth.

If its MS Paint, it might be hard to define certain sentences to have different justifications (in case you didn't know, line justification is how text aligns. Its usually left, right, center [which is what I usually use] and justified, which means text lines up on both the left and right sides of the column.)

If you use something else, you could play around with how the text is justified and see if you like the effects it achieves.

Nadine hat gesagt…

Thank you for even more helpful advices, Steffi. There are so many things I didn't think off before. And I guess that it means learning by doing, ne?

Dee, I have just begun to work with Photoshop. As a begiinner with that program I still have much to learn. But I'm sure that the look of my caps will improve shortly.

Until now I worked with Comic Life, but found that the possibilities were somehow limited and that they looked mostly the same all the time.

That's why I switched over to Photoshop even if I know that it is much more difficult to handle.