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Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

My birthday experience

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a nice day celebrating with my family. During the day I surely got too much to drink to drive my car, but since it is only a 5 kilometer drive I returned safely some time after midnight. When I checked my e-mails, my mood dropped and I just had to express my feelings somehow. I had the first panel finished for some hours before I posted it at the Haven after I was sure that the 26th was really over. Believeing that the view might be too rude I came up with the second panel before I hit the pillow for a few hours. My own view on the things had changed when I awoke and so I made the third panel to conclude the event.

After my return, my high mood got really brought down. Here is the result.This is how I felt some hours later.After my head cleared up again, my mood changed to the better..


Anne Oni Mouse hat gesagt…

Nice use of the picture, tough I think the scenario has many more options

Nadine hat gesagt…

It showed my real feelings when I waited and waited yesterday...

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…


I'm sorry that you had a lonely day yesterday... I had no idea it was your real birthday :)

If it's makes you feel better at all, I was thinking kind thoughts about you and all of the lovely comments and support you have given me :)


Nadine hat gesagt…

The day wasn't really lonely. I spend most of the day at my sister's home where we had gathered most of my family to celebrate my birthday. It was fun and I had drunk some beers and some booze.

However I was also looking forward to get home and check my emails since I hope that I had got some good wishes from my special online friends.

That's what put me in the mood to make this small series. I wasn't sure if I should upload it since I didn't wish to give anyone a bad conscience. But then I thougt why not as it can't be bad to express your true feelings, or not?

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

I'm surprised.... I personally don't keep track of online birthdays. I rarely give mine out, and never expect anyone to notice. Whenever somebody does wish me a Happy Birthday, it almost always catches me off-guard, as I have forgotten I ever posted that info...

The reason I am surprised is that usually "somebody" over at RH does keep track of things like this, and make sure to post at least a quick note in your messages or Trading Folder.. :(

I'm sorry that didn't happen!

Of course you should feel free to post your feelings on your own Blog.. That's kind of the whole point :)

Like I said before, I didn't even know it was your -day, but you were in my thoughts anyway.. I know that's not the same as timely "Happy Birthday", but it is true :)

Hrdknight hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday Nadine! Didn't know it was yesterday. Glad you got to celebrate with family. Loved the cap and all your post.

Nadine hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for your comments. I really appreciate them. :)

Yesterday will be a good memory after all so let's just move on,OK?