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Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Haunted Park 2

I made it more screen-sized, is it better like that?

One thing I will ask your opinion is if it looks better if the image is on the left or on the right?


Anne Oni Mouse hat gesagt…

Not surprisingly, as I asked for it, I do think it works better that way round. I have no strong opinions on which side the image should be on and vary it in my own captions. One thing I am sometimes caught up in is writing a lot of text which makes the finished image deeper, negating the point about putting text beside it.

Still I can see a series on what the wood fairy gets up to.

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

I agree with Anne.. this layout works better..

By the way, the font choice is very nice :)

I actually DO have a preference on pic placement... for whatever reason, piccie on the upper RIGHT side makes more sense to me.. just seems more "correct". Nothing "wrong" with the left-side placement, but I'd put it on the right, normally, if I was creating it :)

The wonderful thing about captions is that their aesthetics are very subjective.. what one person loves, doesn't "work" for someone else.

Regardless, you've done a very nice caption, which I enjoy... Since I am not generally a huge fan of "magic" captions, please take that as a compliment...

Merry Christmas!

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Nadine hat gesagt…

Thank you for the comments.

You have to agree that it looks better in screen format. Thank you for your help.

Glad that you both liked it. Maybe the wood fairy might return in the future. ☺