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Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Haunted Park

If someone could give me some hints and advices what I could do to enhance the look of my future caps, it would be gladly appreciated.


Anne Oni Mouse hat gesagt…

Not being a user of Photoshop my knowledge is limited. I would think about formatting the text around the side of the image and try to keep it more screen shape to reduce scrolling.

Despite that, in the end the combination of text and image is the thing, and that you do well.

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…


You did a VERY good job for a first attempt at Photoshop :)

You also chose a difficult image to caption in any program, as it is wider than it is tall, so making and easy-to-read caption is difficult, without requiring scrolling.

In my mind, there really is only 3 basic ways to combine pics and text. One, like you did, is place the pic side-by-side or top-by-bottom with a blank text field. Two, create a wallpaper-sized blank field, and copy and paste the pic into it, sizing to fit, which is what I do on the majority of caption.... Lastly, just write the text directly on the pic as it is.

With pics shaped liked the one you chose, the last option is normally best, but I have often done exactly as you did.

Slavegirl J

This is an example of what I mean :)

It's more difficult to make, but easier to read...

That being said, part of the charm of YOUR story was all of the details... You'd have a very hard time fitting all of that on the image without making it crowded...

Basically, you made a very nice caption... tweaking around with the layout5/presentation MIGHT make it a little "better", but it might not...

I don't know if that helps you or not :)

I liked your caption, regardless!

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Nadine hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comments. I will reconsider what you have said and try to follow your advices.

Dee Mentia hat gesagt…

As Steffie has mentioned, there are a few ways to deal with a caption that sized. Oddly enough, I did two postings on my blog about the problems inherent with photos that are wider than tall.

The first one is

and the followup is