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Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

On Her Behalf

What would you sacrifice for you true love?


Anonym hat gesagt…


Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

Madine, what a wonderful surprise :)

As soon as I read the opening line, I knew what this one was about.. I actually STOPPED reading for a moment to go see if I had missed a post in my RH trading folder!


Nobody has done a better job of interpreting my prefs, and the piccie is a great choice!

Awesome Job!

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

I am SO sorry that I called you "Madine"... LOL

I was a little happy at the moment :)

Nadine hat gesagt…

Great that you recognized the cap and that you still like it make me feel glad.

Don't worry about the 'Madine'. However it sounds about like 'Mad...' and I can assure that I not a person who gets mad very often. ^^