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Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

Needed Vacation

For JaySeaver

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nikir77 hat gesagt…

As Jasmine she even got use to the sexy thoughts and on her last week of Vacation decided to extend her vacation another 12 weeks seeing Jay had over 6 months of Vacation on the books. But unknown to Jay after 8 weeks Jasmine had her first period, after 3 days of hell Jay was felling 100% again Jasmine was once again on the move. the men, The woman, and The sex. Jay knew she had 8 more weeks of Vacation and wanted to make the best of it. 28 days later again with the period, Jasmine would have to ask the agency when she got back. That month was the greatest for Jasmine and the worst for Jay. She fell in love with a rich man from Spain who took Jasmine back to Spain from Monte Carlo. She found out he was a mob boss and she was hooked never going back to the Secret Service. Jasmine got married and had lots of babies and was the mob bosses wife.