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Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Pablo's Sacrifice

One of the few multi-panel captions I have made.


Alectra hat gesagt…

Ah you are cheating... I want to see your new style on me... and you just gave me the whip :p
Just saying :)

Thanks for putting on here!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: Really no more comments from me till February :( but I'll come back with more naughtiness :)

Anne Oni Mouse hat gesagt…

That worked really well. I wasn't sure about the initial blandness, but the black and white them gave a style that fitted perfectly

Steffimariechen hat gesagt…

Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
Very nice story, and the pics are excellent..

One piece of advice, and you don't have to try and do it on THIS series.... It helps sometimes if you keep the font/size uniform throughout the series... it makes them feel more connected.

Of course, these three are connected because you posted them together, but if you saw them on another page with other caps, they wouldn't look like they "belonged" together, until you READ them... It's a minor thing really, just a general tip on multi-panel caps.

I enjoyed this one!

Nadine hat gesagt…

Sorry Alectra, but you will have to bear with me since I will upload more of my previous caps on my blog.

Sometimes less is more, don't you agree Anne?

Thank you for the advice, Steffi. I will keep that in mond for the future series I will make.